Curling (Available Everyday)

The GameYard features the fastest growing Olympic sport, CURLING, year round! Our iceless curling will be fun for children and adults. Do you have the stones to try it?

*Requires reservation. $50 / 1hr

FutPool (Available Everyday)

FutPool is an interactive hybrid game combining Pool and Soccer. You can play head to head or as teams. Come play with our balls!

*Requires reservation. $50 / 1hr


Ping Pong is a sport of skill. Maybe you can’t return the ball more than once or twice, or maybe you can play ten feet back from the table and spike the ball like a professional? Either way, we’d love to have you come play with our balls.


The best bar game ever but bigger! You got solo cups and ping pong balls, we have 55 Gallon cans and a volleyball. Come shoot your shot!


Can you throw a football a quarter mile? We all love to armchair quarterback on Saturdays and Sundays, this is your chance to put your arm to the test. Sit in a chair and knock down bowling pins with the old pig skin.


What would a GameYard be without Corn Hole? This game is easy to play and fun for everyone. If you haven’t played Corn Hole then maybe you need to get out more often? If you decide to leave the house, come on down to Union!